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For the continuance of the first game, see Bravely Second: End Layer.

Bravely Default II is an upcoming role-playing game in the Bravely series for the Nintendo Switch, and is the sequel to the original Bravely Default for the Nintendo 3DS. It was first revealed to worldwide audiences at The Game Awards 2019.

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Job systemEdit

Like its predecessors, Bravely Default II utilizes the job system. Asterisks are still used as the catalyst for changing jobs. In the demo only five jobs (freelancer, white mage, black mage, vanguard, monk and thief) were playable with a level cap of seven for mastery.

The demo also boasted a new turn based style of fighting that differed from the previous two games. Originally players would give all their party members fighting or defending orders and then after pressing GO, the turn would commence. This game now has the player give each character orders only when it is their turn.

Random encounters with enemies in game have also been altered. Now the enemies are visible so the character can choose to fight or run away from a potential battle. Depending on your characters' levels monsters will do one of two things upon noticing your party. If you are a weaker or similar level to the enemy, they will charge at you to engage in battle. However, if you are a higher level the enemies will panic and try to run away from you.

The characters now also have the choice to walk or run in their adventure, and can look for hidden items by using a weapon to cut grass and bushes down.

Along with your main mission side quests are also available. NPC's will have blue thought bubbles above their heads if they have a task they would like you to complete (collecting wolf pelts, gathering snake venom, fighting beasts etc.) upon taking on these tasks a marker will appear on the map to guide you where you will need to go to complete the tasks.

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Bravely Default II Character Art

The main characters Seth, Gloria, Adelle and Elvis (from left to right).

  • Seth, a young seafarer who was washed ashore in an unfamiliar realm after the power of the Crystals saved him from an unseasonal storm.
  • Gloria, princess of the lost kingdom of Musa. Having escaped her homeland's destruction, she set out on a quest to restore the Crystals to their rightful place.
  • Elvis, a scholar from Wiswald, who's on a quest to decipher the secrets of a book he inherited from his mentor. He's a larger-than-life character who's never one to dwell on the minor details.
  • Adelle, a skilled mercenary, employed by Elvis to accompany him on is quest for the Asterisks.

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