"My name is Edea Lee. Daughter of the Templar. I take pride in that fact. In my blood."  
—Edea Lee

Edea Lee is one of the main protagonists of Bravely Default: Flying Fairy.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Edea's appearance changes according to which gear she is currently equipping in the game. She commonly has blonde-ish hair with a slim figure.

Edea has a strong sense of justice as she was raised in a strong household under her Father Brave Lee who is the head of the ruling council of Eternia and the lead advocate of the anti-crystal movement. Edea was brought up under Brave but due to his commitments to the council she spent more time with the swordmaster who was put in charge of her training who taught her respect and the way of honor when dealing with ones foes and allies alike. Edea soon comes to realize that the Eternian forces are not all they seem to be after she was placed in the Sky Knights division where she witnessed first hand the atrocities carried out by its members and seeks to see the truth with her own eyes.

This leads her to condemn all those who go against these principles as being purely evil and is frustrated when the targets of her ire disregard her views as being naive and that of a child who does not know what she is talking about, mostly from former comrades within the Eternian forces. Because of her change in views she is constantly learning of how narrow minded the views of the Eternian forces are but still judges people on basic 'black and white' views herself.

She is quick to anger and passionate in defending those who have become victims to her own countrymen's cruel actions, and has an unusual sense of cooking including one time when after being pressured by the sage to cook she made a meal for him that was so vile that according to others was 'Given to a dog by the sage but the dog gave it to a cat then the cat proceeded to give it to a crow'.


Deployed with the 4th Eternian Air Force Division, Edea meets Agnès during the mission to capture her. However, while accompanying Ominous Crow to capture her, Tiz Arrior, and Ringabel, Edea choose to aid them instead after Ominas Crowe set fire to a house in the city where Agnès was staying in order for her to come out. Edea first tried to hide her full connection to the Eternian forces, namely her father Brave Lee, but was revealed and was seen in suspicion by Agnès for a while until she earned her trust.

Edea had to constantly come across her fellow countrymen who saw her as a traitor and was even given chances to come back by Black Knight Artemis Dim and the Swordmaster who dismissed her views and what she had seen as naive and that she was still a child which frustrated her deeply despite her arguments. Along her journey she had to deal with the chauvinistic advances of Ringabel and the obsession of Artemis Dim who had known Edea since childhood which annoyed her equally but over time did not scold Ringabel too much even though she kept turning down his advances.

After awakening the Crystals and defeating her father in battle, the party was attacked by Dim on Grandship who sought to prevent them from 'destroying the world' under Brave's orders. After the party defeated him, Dim's helm split in two to reveal the face of Ringabel, which shocked both her and Ringabel seeing his own face being revealed under the armor, However, Dim fell off the railings of the Grandship and was presumed to have died from the fall, after that she was less annoyed at Ringabel afterwords.

After restoring the crystals in several worlds, Ringabel's memories returned and revealed that a servant of the great evil had killed her, Tiz, and Agnès before Ringabel as he was awed in fear and that each Artemis Dim was Ringabel in the world before their own, hence Dim's and Ringabel's obsession with Edea. This lead to Edea being more understanding towards Ringabel as shown in one party chat where Ringabel offered to take her to a well known restaurant in the city of flowers, for a romantic dinner but she turned him down. When he said that he was being genuine in his offer, she responded that she knew by now that he was and appreciated it because it was genuine but still turned him down.

In CombatEdit

Being able to use all available jobs like the others, Edea is fairly balanced in stats as to make her useful no matter the class. However her stats growths favor strength and defense at the cost of speed and intelligence. In spite of this she, along with Ringabel, are tied for best MP and she has the third best HP stat of the group.

This makes her ideal in roles that focus on high physical strength and defense such as the Knight, Templar, and Pirate class and decent in the Swordmaster and Dark Knight class.



  • Edea shares her first name with Edea Kramer of Final Fantasy VIII.
  • Participating in the open beta phase for Bravely Default: Praying Brage will unlock a prayer costume exclusive to Edea.
  • In Ancheim, Edea says she's a good cook and loves to eat. In Florem, she is said to take Ringabel and use his money to buy her new clothes; furthermore, she takes Tiz's wallet to support her shopping needs.
  • Edea's name is a pun on the word ideally, much like how her parents names are also puns.