Bravely Default Edit

There are two versions of the final chapter, both of which conclude with the ending credits and saving a cleared game file. The player will be returned to their previous location before triggering the final chapter, allowing them to pursue the other variation.

Due to the repetitive nature of Chapters 5 to 8, "Finale: Lying Airy" can be reached at any point within those chapters, by continuing to press  during a Rite of Awakening even after Airy tells Agnès to stop praying. Doing so triggers cutscenes in which Ringabel and Tiz reveal Airy's true intentions and Agnès's prayers shatter the Crystal. Airy responds by transforming into a beast who defeats the party, then flees to the Dark Aurora. After being resurrected by a voice from Agnès's pendant, the party travels to the Dark Aurora to stop Airy, and fight her in two forms as the final boss.

Although Airy warns that her master, Ouroboros, has yet to awaken, the Dark Aurora disappears and the Great Chasm is about to vanish. Lord DeRosso and Sage Yulyana keep the Chasm open long enough for the party to use it to return to their respective world. The Vestal Garb for Agnès is unlocked after completing this chapter. Prior to the Dark Aurora, the player may also speak to Lord DeRosso at Vampire Castle to gain access to Dimension's Hasp, although the tenth and final floor will be locked by a seal.

By proceeding with the game as usual and completing Chapters 5 to 8, the canon ending "The End: Bravely Default" is reached. After passing through the Holy Pillar five times, Airy has linked enough of the multiple versions of Luxendarc so Ouroboros can enter the Celestial Realm. Celebrating her victory, Airy reveals her deception to the party and is fought aboard Grandship in her first two forms. After flying off to the Dark Aurora, the party goes to Yulyana Woods Needleworks to seek out the help of Sage Yulyana, where he and Lord DeRosso explain the events that were prophesied to them. Yulyana will also unlock the seal on the final floor of Dimension's Hasp.

At the Dark Aurora, the party battles Airy in her third and final form, but after she is devoured by Ouroboros, the party must confront the Bringer of Ruin himself as the final boss. Following his defeat, the party uses the Great Chasm to return to their respective worlds, where Tiz releases the Celestial that Ouroboros told him he was carrying. Completing this chapter unlocks New Game Plus and a Special Movie teaser for Bravely Second: End Layer.

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