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Norende Village was Tiz Arrior's home in Bravely Default, its destruction marking where the story begins.


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Norende was a quiet, sleepy village located on the continent of Caldis. However, the village's peaceful existence is shattered when a dark hole known as the Great Chasm swallows the village and the surrounding land. The only survivor of Norende's destruction is Tiz Arrior, who is taken to the capital city of Caldisla to recover. The King of Caldisla would later appoint Tiz to head the reconstruction effort.

Tiz seeking to restore his home, would go on a quest with Agnès Oblige, the Vestal of Wind, to awaken the Crystals, which was said to be the only way to close the chasm. After all four crystals are awakened, Airy, a cryst-fairy traveling with Agnès, begins a ritual to close the chasm, which apparently fails for unknown reasons. Instead, they find themselves in another world; this world's Norende had recently been destroyed by the Great Chasm, essentially forcing the group to repeat the cycle of awakening the crystals.

The repeating destruction of each version of Norende is revealed to be part of a larger plot; the portal that Airy opens to each successive Norende actually links each world together. In addition, countless versions of Agnès and her companions had carried out the quest to awaken the crystals, repeating the cycle, before being killed by Airy. Agnès's group only survives because Airy chooses to use them to link the few remaining worlds.

Eventually, Airy's master Ouroboros, attempts to use the linked worlds as a way to recreate reality in his image. However, he is defeated by Agnès and her companions. Only after Ouroboros's defeat is the Great Chasm closed.

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Norende Reconstruction sidequest[]

Norende Reconstruction (Japanese version).

Bravely Default features a bonus activity in the form of the Norende town and villagers minigame. Early on in the game, Tiz is put in charge of rebuilding his hometown. To do this, the player can click on the town icon on the sidebar at any time to view the village. At the start, nothing is built and many obstacles block paths to other parts of the town area.

To rebuild the town, the player will have to rely on villagers found through StreetPassing or given by the Adventurer once a day by updating data. The more villagers a player has, the faster tasks can get done. If the player has completed the demo version of Bravely Default, they can transfer up to 20 villagers from the demo to their gamefile to assist.

By rebuilding the town, the player will have access to items and equipment not found anywhere else. They can trade with the Adventurer to shop at any stores they have built, and every building has multiple levels.

Below is a list of shops and obstacles, and their details.


Obstacles prevent villagers from building shops in other areas of the town. The first area and its two shops are available by default.

Obstacle Required time Unlocks
N/A N/A Trader
Armor Shop
Tangled Woods
Ancient Boulder
Tangled Woods 2 hours Special Move Shop
Blackwater Fen
Downstream Area
Ancient Boulder 10 hours Weapons Shop
Hill Parts Shop
Collapsed Bridge
Rigid Crag
Blackwater Fen 30 hours River Parts Shop
Accessory Shop
Collapsed Bridge 50 hours Combat Item Shop
Cape Parts Shop
Downstream Area 70 hours Compound Shop
Rigid Crag 99 hours Valley Parts Shop


All shops can be upgraded several times boasting more items and longer build times. The Trader, Compound Shop, and Combat Item Shop will regularly gift the player with a random selection of items from their respective inventories.


Level Required time Unlocks
1 15 Minutes Potion
Teleport Stone
2 1 Hour Antidote
Eye Drops
3 2 Hours 30 Minutes Echo Herbs
Phoenix Down
4 3 Hours 30 Minutes Wakeup Bell
5 5 Hours Hi-Potion
6 8 Hours Ether
7 11 hours Balsam
8 15 Hours Remedy
9 24 Hours X-Potion
10 36 Hours Turbo Ether
11 99 Hours Knight's Tunic (Costume)

Armor Shop[]

Level Required time Unlocks
1 30 Minutes Bronze Armor
2 1 Hour 30 Minutes Brigandine
3 3 Hours Red Cap
4 5 Hours 30 Minutes Rainbow Dress
5 8 Hours 30 Minutes Lambent Hat
6 12 Hours Blessed Shield
7 17 Hours Bloody Shield
8 24 Hours Heike Gloves
9 36 Hours Heike Helm
10 48 Hours Heike Armor
11 99 Hours Onion Shirt (Costume)

River Parts Shop[]

Level Required time Unlocks
1 1 Hour Beast Slaying
Cure Poison
Poison Res Up
2 2 Hours 30 Minutes Plant Slaying
Cure Blind
Blind Res Up
3 4 Hours Aquatic Slaying
Cure Silence
Silence Res Up
4 8 Hours Insect Slaying
Cure Sleep
Sleep Res Up
5 15 Hours Flier Slayer
Cure Paralyze
Paralyze Res Up
6 26 Hours Undead Slaying
Cure Dread
Dread Res Up
7 42 Hours Demon Slaying
Cure Berserk
Berserk Res Up
8 52 Hours Dragon Slaying
Cure Stop
Stop Res Up
9 81 Hours Crit Rate Up
Cure Confuse
Confuse Res Up
10 99 Hours Cure K.O.
Cure Charm
Charm Res Up
11 99 Hours Silver Glaive

Weapons Shop[]

Level Required time Unlocks
1 1 Hour 30 Minutes Carving Knife
2 2 Hour 30 Minutes Simian Staff
3 4 Hours 30 Minutes Ogre's Club
4 5 Hours 30 Minutes Bastet Claws
5 9 Hours 30 Minutes Sage's Staff
6 16 Hours Angel's Bow
7 28 Hours Lü Bu's Spear
8 38 Hours Grinder Axe
9 54 Hours Mutsu-no-Kami
10 60 Hours Night Emperor
11 99 Hours Magic Knife

Hill Parts Shop[]

Level Required time Unlocks
1 2 Hours Fire
Fire Res Up
Fire Res Down
2 3 Hours Water
Water Res Up
Water Res Down
3 5 Hours 30 Minutes Lightning
Lightning Res Up
Lightning Res Down
4 9 Hours Wind
Wind Res Up
Wind Res Down
5 15 Hours Earth
Earth Res Up
Earth Res Down
6 26 Hours Speed Up
Speed Down
7 42 Hours Light
Light Res Up
Light Res Down
8 60 Hours Evade Up
Accuracy Down
9 90 Hours Dark
Dark Res Up
Dark Res Down
10 99 Hours Cure Doom
Doom Res Up
Death Res Up
11 99 Hours Labrys

Accessory Shop[]

Level Required time Unlocks
1 2 Hours Venture Badge
2 3 Hours Smiley Badge
3 5 Hours Gale Hairpin
4 9 Hours Normalizer
5 14 Hours Red Muleta
6 24 Hours Reflect Ring
7 32 Hours Alarm Earrings
8 48 Hours Taunt Bangle
9 68 Hours Golden Egg
10 80 Hours Growth Egg
11 99 Hours Melodist's Shirt (Costume)

Special Move Shop[]

Level Required time Unlocks
1 2 Hours Infinity
2 3 Hours Piercing Bolt
Maximum Draw
3 3 Hours Moonbeam
Grand Strike
4 48 Hours Air Splitter
Blade Storm
5 48 Hours Overpower
Withering Ripple
6 48 Hours Lux
Rapid Fire
7 72 Hours Breaking Wave
Ascendant Palm
8 99 Hours Holy Weapon
Divine Light
Cross Divide
9 99 Hours Megiddo Flame
Angelic Pillar
10 99 Hours Sonic Wave
Gigaton Swing
Petal Swirl
11 99 Hours Falcon Knife

Valley Parts Shop[]

Level Required time Unlocks
1 3 Hours 10% Power Boost
+1 Turn
2 5 Hours M.Atk Up
M.Atk Down
3 7 Hours 30 Minutes 20% Power Boost
+2 Turns
4 15 Hours P.Atk Up
P.Atk Down
5 24 Hours 30% Power Boost
+3 Turns
6 32 Hours M. DEF Up
M. DEF Down
7 42 Hours 40% Power Boost
+4 Turns
8 75 Hours P. DEF Up
P. DEF Down
9 99 Hours 50% Power Boost
BP Bonus Lv. 1
10 99 Hours BP Bonus Lv. 2
+5 Turns
11 99 Hours Donnerschlag

Compound Shop[]

Level Required time Unlocks
1 1 Hour Beast Liver
2 2 Hours 30 Minutes Hard Scale
3 4 Hours Insect Antenna
4 5 Hours 30 Minutes Monster Fiber
Fairy Wing
5 14 Hours Spirit Bone
Fulmen Shard
6 26 Hours Desert Rose
7 35 Hours Glitterbug
8 56 Hours Dark Matter
9 78 Hours Demon Tail
10 84 Hours Dragon Fang
11 99 Hours Plain Tunic (Costume)

Combat Item Shop[]

Level Required time Unlocks
1 1 Hour Bomb Fragment
2 2 Hours 30 Minutes Antarctic Ward
3 4 Hours 30 Minutes Zeus's Wrath
4 8 Hours Tengu Yawn
5 12 Hours Earth Drum
6 20 Hours Bomb Arm
7 28 Hours Arctic Wind
8 45 Hours Pantheon's Wrath
9 60 Hours Tengu Sneeze
10 72 Hours Earth Mallet
11 99 Hours Edea's Garb (Costume)

Cape Parts Shop[]

Level Required time Unlocks
1 1 Hour 30 Minutes HP Recovery Lv.1
Poison Touch
Poison Res Down
2 3 Hours MP Recovery Lv.1
Blind Touch
Blind Res Down
3 5 Hours 30 Minutes HP Recovery Lv.2
Silence Touch
Silence Res Down
4 11 Hours MP Recovery Lv.2
Sleep Touch
Sleep Res Down
5 22 Hours HP Recovery Lv.3
Paralyze Touch
Paralyze Res Down
6 32 Hours MP Recovery Lv.3
Dread Touch
Dread Res Down
7 42 Hours HP Recovery Lv.4
Stop Touch
Stop Res Down
8 60 Hours MP Recovery Lv.4
Confuse Touch
Confuse Res Down
9 90 Hours HP Recovery Lv. 5
Charm Touch
Charm Res Down
10 99 Hours MP Recovery Lv. 5
Death Touch
Death Res Down
11 99 Hours Fox Tail


The town of Norende also features Nemeses, monsters for the party to fight. They can be obtained by using StreetPass. The player can gain rewards for fighting and killing these, but because some high-level Nemeses can be obtained very early on in the game, it is strongly advises the player should wait until they reach the monster's level to take it down. Up to 7 Nemeses can appear in Norende at any one time, after which the oldest Nemesis will be removed unless protected.

Nemeses can also be sent directly by the game's developers, and can be found by updating data in the save menu. The player can also send a Nemesis to other people by clicking on a Nemesis and hitting send.