Tiz Arrior is a protagonist of Bravely Default: Flying Fairy.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Tiz's appearance changes according to which job he is currently, if an outfit is equiped, it is shown instead.

Tiz has a strong sense of duty to Agnès, wanting to protect her, a shadow of the cataclysm which took his brother who he couldn't save from falling into the chasm. Tiz is an honest 'bumpkin' as described by Ringabel and Edea and has a strong sense to protect those close to him such as Agnès and has had trouble sleeping ever since his younger brother died during the destruction of Norende, which he is later put in charge of repairing which is his strongest desire after helping Agnès awaken the crystals in order to restore the great chasm and restore some sense of normality in his life after losing his home and family to the catastrophe. Through his adventure he and Agnès become close and rely upon each other on their journey.


Bravely Default

When Tiz and his brother are in the meadows of Norende caring for sheep, suddenly the earth crumbles and gradually destroys the village by sinking into a great chasm. When Tiz tries to save his younger brother from falling into abyss, he is unable to and the boy slips into the chasm, much to Tiz's terror. Later, Tiz is transported to Caldisla where he sleeps for a week without waking up a single time. After he wakes up, he visits the king who says that the boy is welcome to stay in the town, however, Tiz wishes to rebuild his lost village. He then leaves for the recently formed Norende Ravine to see the chasm for itself and search for any survivors. When he arrives, he meets a young girl named Agnès Oblige who informs him that he is the only survivor.

During their quest Tiz runs into a young boy within the land of fire who bears a strong likeness to his young brother and seeks to protect him at all costs including his own life at one point, and after helping him he has no more issues sleeping at night presumably due to the actions of saving the boy quelling the nightmare of his brother's death. He and Agnès become closer during their travels and he is chosen to be Agnès' closest companion when dealing with the information the sage has to tell them and uses the repeated opportunity to pass on the information Ringabel has remembered about Airy's true nature as the servant of Uroboros who killed the countless other versions of themselves before in other worlds which due to his trust Agnès chooses to believe where other versions of her had not believed so until their final moments before death at the servant's hands. However, after Uroboros's defeat, Tiz lost consciousness.

During the alternative ending, Tiz becomes furious with Airy for tricking them and comments during battle that she was the one responsible for the destruction of Norende and that he will never forgive her for betraying Agnès' trust, to which Airy responds that she cannot take full credit for its destruction as the other version of Tiz had an incidental hand in destroying Norende and that his single minded concern for Agnès well - being is the one thing she hates most about him.

Bravely SecondEdit

[1]Magnolia introduces herself to Tiz after freeing him.Added by Kimlasca warriorTiz awakens within a cage in an unknown laboratory facility, staring back at the scientists that are studying him and also having a guard comment on his desperate situation despite having saved the world. Following this instance, the scientists within the lab begin to conduct an experiment on Tiz before they are dispatched by an unknown woman who easily incapacitates Tiz's captors. Upon the arrival of a powerful monster, she somehow manages to use the Bravely Second ability to slay the encroaching monster. After defeating the monster, she frees Tiz from his cage and introduces herself as Magnolia, citing that he has "the kind of good luck that she'll never enjoy. She extends her hand to him and tells him that they're going to someplace nice".


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Tiz's special costume is the Onion Knight.